About Devin spa resort

Devin is positioned in the highest zone of the Western Rhodopes Mountain, at 710 meters above sea level. The spa resort is located 170 km southeast of the capital city of Sofia (100 km of the road being a highway), 46 km northwest of the town of Smolyan, and respectively 57 km south of Krichim and 82 km south of Pazardzhik.

Devin is one of the oldest spa resorts in Bulgaria and is the richest settlement in mineral water on the Balkan Peninsula. The climate in Devin is one of the healthiest in the country, characterized by warm summers, mild winters and sunny autumns, lasting until mid-November. The favorable climate in the resort and the combination of mineral waters of various composition and healing properties provide excellent opportunities for highly effective treatment of various diseases, including diseases of the locomotive system, the cardiovascular system, urological and genital system, functional disorders of the nervous system, after trauma conditions of the locomotor apparatus, and others.

Devin region is extremely rich in natural monuments, gorges, caves, rock formations, protected areas and nature reserves with endemic plant and animal species. Among the most famous ones are the Trigrad Gorge, the caves Devil's Throat and Yagodnska Cave, the natural phenomenon Elephant, the terraced waterfalls in the area Struilski Dol, the protected area Chairite with its incredible landslide lakes, including the phenomenon of the “Drunken forest”, the nature reserves Old Forest, Kastraklii and Kazan, etc.

The municipality has a rich cultural and historical heritage as well. In the area are to be seen numerous archaeological monuments from the Thracian era - Thracian mounds, remnants of villages, and fortified cemeteries. Also to be seen are the preserved ruins of the fortress Turlata, Gradishteto near Gela village, Kemerovo bridge and the castle above Devin and Beadnos.

Just a few kilometers from Devin are to be found the architectural reserve Shiroka Luka, known for the authentic Rhodope houses, and one of the most famous and popular ski resorts in Bulgaria - Pamporovo.