Devils Throat cave


Devils Throat Cave

If you have decided to combine your holiday in the spa resort of Devin, Bulgaria with a tour around the resort, be sure to pay a visit to the Devil’s Throat cave abyss.

Devil's Throat Cave is one of the most amazing caves in Bulgaria and one of the phenomenas of Trigrad Gorge, located lass than 10 km away from Devin spa resort in West Rodophe Mountains. The cave was formed due to landslide long time ago.The part that is open to visitors consists of artificially dug  tunnel about 150 meters long and impressive in size hall with an underground waterfall.

Devil's Throat cave takes first place among the Bulgarian caves with the largest and most magnificent hall which is sufficient enough to accommodate the Alexander Nevski cathedra in Sofial. Devil’s Throat cave however has the highest underground waterfall in the Balkans and one of the highest in Europe. The impressive 42 meters tall waterfall along with a big landslide took part in the formation of the huge hall in the cave called the Roaring Hall which has a length of 110 meters, height 35 m and a width of 45 meters. From this room the waters of the underground river speeds and powers up and is going through more than 270 meters underground adit, crosses 13 thresholds each large as 8 meters to reach a siphon (very deep lake) at the end. The width of the galleries is from 2 to 10 m and their height over 4 meters in many places the ceiling is not visible. On many places in the underground galleries logs are seen trapped in the rocks and looking like matches. Siphon of the cave is about 150 meters wide and there has been only one attemped (in 1970) for it to be examined. It was a great expedition with the best equipment. Siana and Evstati both profesional scuba divers dived to study the siphon and never came up. Since then there have been no attempts to study the siphon and other underground galleries in the cave.
After the siphon river waters are passing through a 60-foot gallery and are coming to the surface through another cave called “Bottom of the devil”. Here speleologists are organizing trips by boat upstream of the underground river.

Devil's Throat is one of the most challenging caves around Devin spa resort, because to get out of it ones have to climb 301 steps, passing close to the waterfall. In high waters, the flow of the water falling into the cave is 2300 l / sec, but during dry periods - 200-300 l/sek.

The name of the cave derives from its exit and that is in the form of devil's throat, as well as from the many legends about it. Legends date back to Thracian times when people believed that it is the entrance to another world, the world of immortality. For centuries people have sacrificed the most beautiful women in order to appease the gods. People say that nothing cames out of the water maze of the cave ones it goes in. Even today, attempts are done by throwing various objects, whole trees and logs, but nothing comes out. Experiments are made with colors that appear on the surface over an hour and a half after being released, which is evidence of the very long underground labyrinths of the cave.

One of the legends of the Devil's Throat is associated with the mythical Thracian singer and musician Orpheus and his beloved Eurydice. Orpheus descended into the underworld to appease Hades, the god of death and to regain Eurydice. Hades agreed, but had one condition - Orpheus not to turn back and look for her until they leave the underworld. Orpheus failed to succeed during the progress towards the outcome turned. So he lost Eurydice forever. Hence the locals facetiously name the cave - Cave of divorces.

An interesting fact about the cave is that during the winter can be seen the largest colony in the Balkans of the cave long wing bats in it, reaching 2000 in number.

The cave is open to visitors all year round from 10 am till 5 pm, the temperature there is around 8 °, regardless of seasons, so you can wear warm clothes, especially if you decide to visit it in the summer. 

Price for the years 2015/216 for adults : 5 lv

Children up to 16 years old : 2 lv