Devin Rope Garden - Exciting Park Adventure


The famous Rope Garden near Devin is a great place for adventure and extreme entertainment suitable for children over 6 years of age and their parents. The garden is located in a beautiful flat region, approximately 2 km from the city center and offers a labyrinth of ropes inside the crowns of the trees. The rope garden has an attractive layout and would appeal to those people who love extreme sports and adventures with swinging railings, dangling bridges, and various other facilities in the air.

The visitors can rely on the professionalism of the highly qualified instructors that have plenty of experience. They are in charge of dividing the visitors in groups according to their physical endurance and age. The participants are provided alpine adventure seat, safety rules and instructions. Upon reaching the end of one facility, the visitor must step on the wooden platform. All equipment and facilities are inspected daily by the instructors.

The garden runs from April to December each year and includes various elements of extreme sports, including acrobatics, climbing and adventure tourism. Besides the fun, which the passage through the ropes ensures, other adventures that are possible in the area include paintball games, horse riding, nature orientation, etc.