Eco Path Struilitsa Near Devin


In case that you love to spend time close to nature, love to walk around waterfalls and cross wooden bridges over mountain streams, the eco path Struilitsa near Devin is the perfect place for you to visit. Situated just two kilometers outside Devin and only one kilometer from hotel Evridika Spa, the eco path is stretched along Devin river and is an excellent place for a picnic, with gazebos and benches, special zones for barbecue (fire can be lit only there, it is prohibited anywhere else).

The attractive eco trail starts at the very beginning of Devin before crossing the bridge to the center, to the left and then to the right. This zone is called Struilitsa and the tourists can enjoy several outdoor therapeutic pools with warm mineral water. This mineral water is suitable for drinking and for spa treatments.

Shortly after the beginning of the trail there is a path to the right that leads through the woods towards Samodivsko waterfall, which is extremely beautiful. This waterfall is over 50 meters high, thus being among the highest of its kind in the Rhodopes Mountain. Its name comes from the legend of fairies (samodivi) that is believed to have lived near the castle fortress nearby.

Along the eco path there are several information boards with details concerning "The Devinska River Valley" area and information about the animals that live here and the plants that grow around, including otter and chamois, Rhodope haberlea, winter snowdrop, woolly bell.

The region features a paid 3-kilometer long trout fishing zone where each fisherman has the right to one stick and up to ten trout. The revenue that this paid fishing area accumulates covers some of the costs for maintaining the eco path area. Further along the road leads to the Lakata site, that once hosted medieval dwellings. Approximately 800 meters from there and up the hill (about 30 min) are to be seen the remains of Kavurskoto Kale fortress inhabited in the period 6th -13th century, a cultural monument of local importance. Nowadays the area features a spacious meadow surrounded by beautiful mountain peaks.

The eco path is 4 km long and the round trip takes between 2 and 3 hours. The path is flat and thus suitable for people of all ages (including visitors with baby strollers).