Haramiyska Cave-Extreme Adventures


Situated in the breathtakingly beautiful Trigrad Gorge in the Rhodope Mountains, Haramiyska Cave is positioned near the famous Devil's Throat Cave. It is among the extreme tourism sites as it offers the adventure seekers an opportunity to visit a wild abyss cave, which requires usage of special speleological and climbing equipment.
The Haramiyska Cave visits are made once a day at 10.30 am, with a group of maximum 15 people, led by experienced guides. The group meets in front of the Devil's Throat Cave and is provided special equipment by the guides. Since there are descents, the group members must have appropriate sports equipment. This extreme experience lasts between 3 and 5 hours according to the tempo of the people in the group.

Haramiyska Cave has an entrance and an exit, which are two different caves that are united by a gap. The trail starts from the car park at Devil's Throat and follows a 10-minute climb of a 20-foot vertical wall through a pine forest. Then follows an upward sloping section which is secured with a metal rope.

Inside, the Haramiyska Cave is not lighted and visitors should enter it with protective clothing and own lighting. The interior of the cave features several small halls, some with very narrow entrance. Among the biggest attractions that have been found in the cave and could be seen are the remains of ancient people.

The fans of the extreme experiences will appreciate the downhill 43-foot gap towards the huge hall, the floor of which is covered with stone blocks. This hall is naturally lit from the light coming from the exit of the cave. At the exit of the cave starts a narrow path offering panoramic views to Rhodopes mountains, which leads back to the parking zone in front of the Devil's Throat Cave.