Horse Riding near Trigrad

The lovers of the equestrian sport who plan a holiday in the region of Devin and Trigrad will be fascinated to find out that in the Trigrad village near Devin has wonderful horse riding base. It is located near "Murcia" Hotel, working every day from 10 am until 5 pm. The horse riding base is named "Avitohol - Cloud" and is served by several professional coaches. Among the routes offered by the horse riding base are the ones towards Borino and Buynovo, Sarnitsa and Devin, Dospat and Jagodina.

Trigrad village itself is a picturesque settlement, which is situated in the Western Rhodopes, at 1240 meters’ altitude. It is located near the Greek border and is known for the hospitality of the local people. In the region are to be found numerous archaeological sites, caves and Thracian settlements. In the area are to be seen 200 years old beech-spruce forest in "Shabanitsa" reserve, the breathtaking Trigradsko gorge, the Haramiyska cave and cave Devil's Throat Cave. The area has many trails for cycling and horse riding.